Friday, May 3, 2013

Death book....

Sounds strange, doesn't it?  But, do you have one?  You should.  I came across this idea one day when I was surfing the internet and it's great.

Typically, everyone tries to keep all of their important documents organized in some fashion.  But, does everyone in your family know where your important documents are located?  For instance, say you're in an accident and can't make healthcare decisions for yourself.  Does your appointed agent already have a copy of your healthcare power of attorney?  If not, does your agent know where you keep that document?  The document won't do any good if it's filed away where no one can locate it.

That's where the death book comes into play.  Pull all of your important documents such as copies of your will, trusts, powers of attorney, car titles, life insurance policies, car insurance policies, investment accounts, essentially anything important that someone would need if the worst happened to you.  Organize everything in a three ring binder and note where the original of each document is located.  Include a sheet that lists all of your important contact information such as doctors, attorney, accountant, etc.

Lastly, label this book in some way that indicates how important it it death book or in case of emergency book....just call it something that makes it obvious that this thing is important.  Then, make sure your family and/or agent knows about the book and it's location.

Doing this will help everyone in the event there is an accident or something happens to you.  Now...go do this before you forget!

Be happy everyone and stay safe!!!
Letisha Luecking Orlet